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Illustration Index
A History of Paratime
3D Paratime Prevents Worldline Crossings
Stopping Time with Paratime
A Paratime Shortcut
Hummingbird Alien
Three Cameras and Three TVs
The Saucer Watching the Grandchildren
Dragonfly and Gnat Cameras
Carlo Zaps the Dragonflies
Dustin the Snail Man
Beanbad Chair with Live Paisley
Texas Machine Language
Soft Television Set
Kitchen Sluggies
Larky's Brain Show
Larky and Lucy
Kotona's Flanders
Starfish Alien
Flesh-Glod Aliens
Gnome Alien
Turla and Dak
Butterfly People
Lulu with an Alla and a Big Tongue
Starfish Aliens on a Tower Beneath a Black Hole Sky
Boring Worldlines and Gnarly Worldlines
Aliens Decrypting Themselves
Ladder Wetware, Sheet Wetware, and Block Wetware
The Shuggoth
Sunspot Vortex Threads
The Fractal-Line "Mind" of a Sunspot
Suzanna in the Shower with Big Tongue and Likin' LuvSlug
ShushBees vs. the Leaf-Blowing Neighbor
Neatnik Bird
Dona and the Compsognathii
A Rhamphorhynchus Chasing a Cat
Jose and Amparo with Knifeplants
Casa Gordas
The Bosch House
Kip Kelp Sea Homes
Nine Morphs
Dragon-Saucer Coming Out of Peggy's TV
The Rope Aliens
Rust and the Alla
A Piezoplastic Rocket Suit
Eden in a Hollow Asteroid
Copying a Space Bump by Folding
Joe's Third Thumb
Man Getting Twinned
Lulu and Her Wand
Durleen's Neck Fingers
Otis's Extra Hands
The Tub and the Eyeball
Silla the Mermaid
A Sluggie Sack Brain Injection
Boba Sneezing on His Ohmies
Launching a Space Bug

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Saucer Wisdom
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