Typos for Rudy Rucker’s JOURNALS 1990-2014

If you feel you’ve found a typo or an error in Rudy Rucker’s JOURNALS 1990-2014, you can post a suggestion as a comment here.

Please use the following format:

Four or five words including the error - The error word - Your correction

You don’t have to worry about page number, as it’s easier for me just to search for the phrase containing the error. But if want to include the page number, that’s fine too.

For instance suppose you see a sentence like this:

I’m back to teaching, and it isn’t too brad.

You might send a comment of this form:

and it isn't too brad - brad - bad


One Response to “Typos for Rudy Rucker’s JOURNALS 1990-2014”

  1. Greg Goddard Says:

    “I create a book-length sets of writing notes for each my novels and nonfiction books.”

    the “a” is extraneous and I think you’re missing “of” between each and my.

    Cheers, -g

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