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A New Start

I watched the Inauguration in downtown Louisville, on a big screen in the Kentucky Arts Center. I felt extremely excited. History taking place. It felt like being in some huge, rich novel. The transfer of power. TV images of the big bible being carried down from the Capitol’s attic, the heavy book waking from its slumber and beginning to twitch. The sea of people, their will not to be denied. Cheney in his wheelchair, unmasked as an evil, fraudulent insect from the subdimensions.

It was nice to be part of the large, interracial crowd in this Louisville theater. The woman next to me said she was as proud of Obama as if he were her own son. I said it was going to be nice to have a smart president. We shook hands on that.

A few blocks away some carpenters were demonstrating against an unjust employer. The struggle never ends. But now perhaps the government is on the side of the little guys.

I took another walk in the woods this afternoon, looking at the ice, the rocks, and the trees, with my brother’s dog Ziggy my companion.

Hallelujah! We’ve got our country back!

5 Responses to “A New Start”

  1. Yamma Says:

    We have re-entered our good old USA after a long journey in the outer darkness!

  2. Ellen Says:

    Praise Dog!

  3. Russ Van Rooy Says:

    I, for one, welcome our new Obama Overlords! 😉

  4. Gamma Says:

    May the Coyote be free to run with the Bison in this year of The OX or Buffalo Bill and then ,oving onwars like the Unlimited Dream Company – please send stuff…

  5. girlfriend Says:

    >>But now perhaps the government is on the side of the little guys.

    Hahahah!! Sure.

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