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“Jack and the Aktuals” Online

As of today, my story about infinity, “Jack and the Aktuals” is online at If you read it there, do me a favor and post a positive comment on the Tor site! (I’m worried I’m going to meet with uneasy incomprehension.)

I had the idea for this story while I was doing a painting called “Giant’s Head,” up in Castle Rock Park last November, and I posted about it then.

If you like, you can listen to a podcast of me reading it on the site, too. You can find the podcast on the Tor site, or click on the icon below to access the podcast via Rudy Rucker Podcasts.

2 Responses to ““Jack and the Aktuals” Online”

  1. Hoss Says:

    Hey, Rudy;
    I’m making a new form of SciFi Horror web entertainment based off a novel. I call it a Hyper-Serialization. Season 1 is live now. If you and the fans of your blog get a moment would you please check it out at

    Thank you very much.

    PantherRun Productions LLC

  2. Gamma Says:

    hey rudy – i know people come and go – but i was quite touched by the Indian of the Group who passed over into the spirit world on Halloween – he was a really great guy – a mother and a grandmother and a Cherokee i think – i hope to be there soon along with all the others on ther prairiesof imagination


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