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Powers of Ten in the Canyon of the Ants

I've been preoccupied by this story with working title “Hormiga Canyon” that I'm trying to start writing with Bruce Sterling. We always have a lot of back and forth, trying to take control. Like these two Pomeranians flowing back and forth as a living yin yang. Click to see 1.5 Meg movie of yinyang poms.

By way of getting my hand into the dip first, today I worked up a couple of nice “powers of ten” tables about the spacetime scales that might be involved in our story. Speaking of bug stories, here's a Bruce's recent “Luciferase”.

Math runs in the family! Really I should be working on revising Mathematicians in Love and on my novelette “Postsingular.” I'm always most attracted to the project that feels most like I'm totally wasting my time and just having fun.

Sighting sunset saucers in Oakland.

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