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Father's Day

We spent a peaceful Father’s Day in the back yard. Rudy, Penny and Slug came to visit. We ate out there, read the paper, played Scrabble. No machine noise.

Slug chased a cat up our tree.

After awhile, I felt sorry for the cat, she was scared and not all that agile. Her eyes were going back and forth like one of those cat clocks. Eventually she made her way down. Good thing the ground was slanting, and cushioned with lots of dead vines. She galloped off down the street.

For Father's Day, I got a pig cup and mosquito netting for my hat!

Becoming a father is the best thing I ever did.

3 Responses to “Father's Day”

  1. David Orban Says:

    Finally the photos are showing up in Bloglines, the news aggregator I am using… Whatever you changed, keep it!

  2. Jonathan Vos Post Says:

    Just returned from the SFRA annual conference in Las Vegas (nexus of Applied and Misapplied probability Theory). John Barnes riffed on mathematical semiotics of drama (from his PhD dissertation). Alone in my hotel room, I re-read “Master of Space and Time.” Still excellent. I have some questions for you on the Topology of Politics for a paper I’m writing on the subject. Let me know (here if you like) if you’d desire to discuss this by email, so that I can send you a 3,600 word Word attachment, await your comments, and cite you appropriately when I submit it for publication.

  3. Jonathan Vos Post Says:

    Oh, and becoming a father was the best thing I ever did, too. My son is now a 16-year-old university senior double majoring in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. We’re working on our first coauthored collection of SF short stories now. He any my Phsyics Professor wife gave me, as one of the father’s Day presents, a paper shredder. Maybe a hint.

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