Billy's Picture Book

13 Stories by
Terry Bisson, Illustrated by
Rudy Rucker

US edition: Transreal Books, Paperback, $29, 104 pages. Ebook $5.

UK print edition:
PS Books, $19.


(This page last updated September 22 2011.)


Billy's Picture Book contains Terry Bisson's collection of thirteen off-kilter tales about an eager lad named Billy---"Billy and the Spacemen," "Billy and the Ants," "Billy and the Talking Plant," and more. The tales are like Zen parables, with an odd, rollicking humor. Rounded out by the artist Rudy Rucker's surreal painted illustrations, Billy's Picture Book is the book your inner child needs.

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And if you decide you want a printed version of the book, you have two options. You can buy the non-illustrated PS Books edition, or buy the illustrated Transreal Press edition from Lulu, both in print and as an ebook.

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